Winter Naps, hikes and quiet storms

Just because the crops are finished and the landscape has been covered with a white light cover of winter wonder is no reason for the Farmers to cease all activity. Granted it would be easier to remain sedentary and pack on some extra weight as a result of a diminished physical regiment. However in an effort to keep our bodies fit we choose a different option.

Cross country skis, snowshoes or pack boots, it matters little they can all yield a similar result. A strenuous hike through acres of snow covered fields of corn and soy bean. A peaceful experience comforted by the company of a dog, the gentle falling snow and an occasional wave at a lone snow mobile.

As stewards of the land we keep the covered landscape in the scope of our daily routine, gaining familiarity with its undulations and boundaries. The farmers patiently waiting the spring when the land will once again return to its hands and the daily routine of trekking mile upon mile to achieve the goals for the farm will once again commence.

The quiet storm has coated the landscape, invigorated the farmer and given ample justification for an afternoon nap. A cozy contented nap followed by a warm cup of tea and a stack of seed catalogs.


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