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Chicken game of heads or tails!

The Magic that is Christmas

a little later the same day.............

Kids at Schoolhouse farms work quickly to take advantage of a December school delay!

Parsley so much more then garnish!

This season may have ended but planning has begun for the next!

November color

Quince tree transplant

fall on the farm

Simple Corn Muffin

Leaving the jars at the "Honey House" for more raw honey please!

Purple Smudge we will grow this heirloom tomato again

Rhubarb thrived in year 1 and needs to absorb all the energy from the leaves in preparation for next season

Schoolhouse Farms season ends like it began- Muddy!

Vintage hives, tree, bug, farmhouse

Pumpkin- Kang Kob

Quince at Schoolhouse Farms

Black Currant Jam