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And with a little rain things really grow.....

Late but worth it.....

Hops seem to like the hot and dry

The sugar snap one of SHF's favorite snacks!

Food simply tastes better with fresh garlic

The bunching onion awaiting delivery in Schoolhouse Farms CSA share

Golden Snow pea with baby Swiss chard

The simply radish in all its pink glory

Bringing new tires to the tractor that had a flat in the field! The old tires just finally rotted out

SHF1848 Farm Mob (double click the image after you start it for a full screen viewing)

We invited our first Farm Mob

Things are starting to hit stride

Things are beginning to get bigger in the greenhouse

Nor'easter April 23, 2012

Seeding continued!

Black Currants cuttings for nursery bed!

Inspired by a Farm Tour

Weathered together

Transplanting Black Currants that we rooted from cuttings with a little help!

Rabbits favorite food made into "Easter" treats

Let the greening begin!

March 18 and 70!

The clock is ticking for a 2012 CSA share from SHF

Selecting the seeds!

01/13/2012 our 1st real snow and the weathermen never saw it until it was on the ground!