Relief with Peppermint Oil

Winter has a firm grip on the farm and the entire farm family. As active and embracing of the cold, wind and snow as the farmers are the reality is that regardless how well nourished and physically fit we all happen to be ailments find a way to impact us each in various ways. Sore muscles, clogged sinus, stomach ache, itchy skin, upset stomach, headache and coughing fits all very real and all equally annoying.

Our well Loved Bottle of Peppermint oil!

The Schoolhouse Farmers find that peppermint oil is a cure-all for almost anything (anything that tea and raw honey can't cure) that ails the farmers. A little applied to the right area and relief is on its way. Not to mention the fact that is can help improve the air quality around a house bound canine’s general vicinity! Additionally it really does help improve ones memory! The Young Living products that we use are edible so a couple drops or a little applied to the roof of the mouth and it’s a whole new day!


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