Mixology without Fermentation

To keep an active group of winter athletes fueled up enough to maintain strength and stamina in the cold is a trick. The body burns fuel while exercising as well as when it attempts to keep the core temperature up in the frigid weather. What is needed is a food that is easy to consume, tasty and full of staying power.

The dedicated foodies at Schoolhouse Farms spend a lot of time in the kitchen and inspiration is often an off shoot of desperation based on limited time and a too busy schedule. It is also one developed out of necessity with a key eye on nutrition. The results of these colliding conditions often results in some very tasty meals with wheels.

The snow was flying and the race team was calling when one of the Schoolhouse Farmers miraculous meals was created to escort the mob of speedy sliders and snowshoers to the slopes. (That’s a lot of S’s) The resulting inspiration was chicken chili served over a house blend of jasmine rice, black barley and red & black quinoa! We know we had a hit when the casual on lookers and other hungry enthusiasts murmured “Wow that looks good, all I have is a ham and cheese sandwich”

The beauty of Schoolhouse Farms house made blend of rice and grain is in its versatility and the almost endless possibilities it holds. Monday morning it was mixed with apples, cucumbers rice vinegar, and olive oil, and sent off as a refreshing lunch to be enjoyed in the dry stale air environment of the school (figuratively and literally).

So here’s to the spirit of grain and the wholesome mixology of the Schoolhouse Farmer, no ice needed but perfect with cold and snow!


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