Rooibos & Raw!

Farm girl Rooibos

As January began an odd change took place on the farm. The family of farmers developed flu like head cold style ailments. A condition that we can gladly say was missing for the entirety of 2010.  What had we done? What had so radically changed? What was missing?

What was missing was the key to the puzzle. It did not take long to realize that in transitioning from fall to winter routines we neglected a dietary component that had maintained our bodily defenses with such gusto the year before. We had failed to begin our daily regiment of Rooibos and Raw honey. It really was that simple.
Maximizing the last bit of raw honey from a jar with hot Rooibos

Regardless what the critics might say or be thinking this combination worked for us. The twice or thrice daily ingestion of the aromatic red bush root and raw honey had kept our immunity system in peak order. We started the once familiar routine Wednesday! Good bye Mr. Cold see you later Mrs. Flu!


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