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NYE 2011

Yields of late planting!

.......and that big Squash turn to pie!

The Essence of Thanksgiving

November and the harvest continues

Perhaps the last Heirloom Tomatoes of the season

Red Wing Black Birds stopping by for a visit on a stellar November 9th

Still finding some pretty delicious Heirlooms!

The Art of saving seeds

Savor the beauty

The possibilities of what these might become was too great to wait!

Waning September but things look good!

Today's gift from the Garden!

Sun Flowers thrive and bring joy!

Sun Flowers brighten the season!

Many months later

Is that rain cloud in the distance?

Sizzle it's simply too hot to fly

Time is moving too fast!

Baby Bok Choy roots by the hand!

isn't it time that you planted some Heirloom Tomatoes?

Run you crazed farmer run!

Peas were planted

Standing Water & Black Currants

We are back in business!

Empathy via devastation

Sow easy

Hurry SHF1848 CSA almost sold out!

SHF1848 2010.wmv

Heirloom Tomatoes regardless how cold!

Prolific & Meteorologically Exceptional

A long long long long Winter

A Heirloom Tribute

Spring in the Box