Eaten Out of Home & Bread

Homemade SHF-1848 artisan bread is a staple at Schoolhouse farms. This simple pleasure not only fuels the farmer it nurtures the soul. Thick crusty warm slices topped with a generous amount of Schoolhouse farms black currant jam pleases some while others require a cinnamon ginger infused egg batter (French toast) to satisfy the morning hunger.
A slice of cheese on top for lunch cold or oven warmed served along farro and figs with orange rice vinegar dressing on one occasion or a blend of wild rice with green lentils celery, red onion and a mustard aioli dressed salad on another. Simply too tasty with inspiration based on the season or what’s in the pantry.
The ritual of preparation for the daily bread is now a routine as familiar as the making of the morning cups of individual dripped coffee. The tantalizing smell of the crusty golden loaves lining the counter awaken the young farmers to the start of another great day.
It’s too bad we can’t share the aroma on-line, but you need to trust that it is that good! Life is good, but life gets even better with fresh baked SHF-1848 artisan bread!


Are you sharing a recipe for this goodness? It looks stunning!

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