Pumping Pumpkins

Pumping Pumpkins!

Wagon load upon wagon load of pumpkins and squash are carted out of the fields at the large Pumpkin Farm down the road all fall. The young SHF farmers spent a good deal of time working at Tim’s Pumpkin patch during the busy pumpkin season and saw thousands of pumpkins of varying size, shape, color and beauty on a daily basis.

This gorgeous squash caught the eye of one our resident enthusiast during a day of work. Selecting a singularly unique squash or pumpkins from acre upon acre is not as simple or as obvious as it may seem. The subtlety of discerning the outstanding aspects of each particular species of squash is a talent. This unique talent generally needs years of mastery to be proficient. We are fortunate to have a natural spotter in our clan and it is for this reason we acquired this handsome specimen.

This perfect Cinderella Pumpkin has been on prominent display since early October at SHF and has wowed all who have cast an adoring eye on it. An heirloom variety this beauty is also called Rouge Vif d’Etampes. A pumpkin charming to look at with flesh that is equally wonderful in pie and as a replacement for free weights when the need arises.

We have not decided how we feel about the culinary transformation of this work of art. That would be a lot of pie and we are not sure we have flood gates on our oven to contain all that filling or the heart to carve it into pieces. Such is the conflict of the art lover and omnivore. 


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