Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash

It's winter and dinner at Schoolhouse Farms required a visit to the cellar and perusal of the stored stock of squash. Tonight the winner was Thelma Sanders sweet potato squash. This pale colored acorn style yellow fleshed squash was a big hit at the market last year and we were afraid we had sold ourselves completely out thus depriving the farmers for the entire winter. Fortune shined on the farmers during the fall as we uncovered a small bonanza of Thelma Sanders. The squash was obscured during harvest by abundant green and exposed as the winds of seasonal change blew one blustery afternoon.

The Squash is split and roasted in a 450° degree oven in our case beside a baking loaf of homemade crusty SHF bread. The rest of the dinner will include a ragout of black eyed peas, celery, bacon, SHF (wintered over) kale and carrot, plus oven roasted southwestern dry rubbed wild salmon. Inspiration from the sea the soil and the cellar with motivation provided by winters cold and a desire to live well and eat better.


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