And that was Yesterday!

Yesterday was a day full of anticipation, dreaming and planning. The plan for building additional raised beds, the designing of a new structure and reclamation of an old. With a modest break in the weather we took the opportunity to walk the farmscape in an effort to divine the best location for the placement of a grow house. We spend a good deal of time dedicated to learning our land so whatever we do truly flows and fits neatly without taking areas out of play. We need to grow the farm, but we still ample place to play.

As we ponder the approaching season we discuss what we need to grow in 2011. We also reflect back on the accomplishments of 2010. We had a monumental growth year in 2010 on several fronts. The early season warmth of April and May propelled us forward earlier then ever. The dry warm gave many plants a head start in development and an earlier showing at the local market and the farmstand. The heirloom tomatoes had a banner season the likes of which we have not seen in years. We grew the physical scope of the farm and added 10 acres of plantings. In addition we planted the first of many apple trees, pear trees and grapes. It was the year we offered our initial public offering of Schoolhouse Farms CSA as well as the first year we took product to sell at Skaneateles Farmers market.

Winter pens us up physically but it allows the mental process to recharge and re-focus on the plans for the ensuing season. It is amazing how quickly one is willing to get back to the toil of the farm once the winter weather relaxes even slightly. Our 2011 vision board is taking shape once more on the fridge. A plan is beginning to formulate again.

That was yesterday, before the snow returned! Yesterday when the kids were at school and we had time to enjoy the break in the weather. Today is an altogether different matter. School first delayed is now canceled. All activities put on hold, all planning and dreaming suspended. Back to making French toast, roasting squash and refereeing and with luck maybe an opportunity to pick up a book and escape after all it really is winter.


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