Soup Sucrine du Berry, Ginger, Garlic, Coconut Milk and Cilantro with Chinese Five Spice Seasoned Croutons

Sucrine du berry squash was a clear farm favorite once again this last season, and you can be asured it will be part of the 2011 planting. The stunning squash has a beautiful buff colored exterior and a vibrant deep orange interior. On the heals of last night's over whelming success of Thelma Sander's sweet potato squash it was decided to once again visit the stellar cellar for another star! The choice of squash was easier then selecting an accompanying bottle of wine.

The inspiration for the soup arose from a family fondness for the various ingredients and their availability in the pantry. The combination just developed almost as a natural occurrence with little serious thought. The resulting efforts are fabulous and the bowls will be wiped clean without a doubt! Good eating need not be complicated or tedious!


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