CSA at Schoolhouse Farms Skaneateles, New York

Schoolhouse Farms will be offering shares of it's CSA again in 2011. We will be offering just 20 shares with home delivery available in the 13152 zip code. These shares will be made up of Schoolhouse Farms produce. Produce that is grown without the use of pesticides at our eco-ganic micro farm near Skaneateles, New York. We will also include some other unique items as the season and harvest progresses. Items we believe will enhance what we have included in the weekly share. All the information you need to know about this limited offer are available at our Schoolhouse Farms LocalHarvest site or by clicking on the image! We are excitedly planning your shares this winter in anticipation of our best growing season ever.
A CSA is a joint venture between Farmer (us) and the Partner (you)! You can feel good about supporting an aspect of farming that receives no local state or federal subsidies. The sweat is all ours but the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is ours to share with you. It is a win win situation that really keeps things local. A CSA has some assumed risk on both our parts as we have no control over mother nature. Last year had perfect growing condition unlike the storm ravaged conditions that almost completely wiped out our tomato harvest in the two previous years. We learned from our past experiences how to react as quickly as possible and plant alternative crops in an attempt to stave off the huge holes in the harvest when mother nature isn't acting so kindly. Thankfully our actions often help prevent a lost season of farming. Admittedly in the past people were disappointed about  tomato blight but were also excited that we filled the void. We are praying for another year like last year with abundant early warmth, ample sun and occasional rain!
Farming is an on going education for us and for everybody who hitches their spiritual wagon onto our dream. Schoolhouse Farms has come a long way in over 12 years and encourages you to visit the farm and our historic one room schoolhouse we call the Borodino Market!http://www.localharvest.org/csa/M15378?ul


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