Standing Water & Black Currants

Rain has been prolific this spring and the ground appears to have had its fill with a great deal of surface water visible. These puddles are major targets for the kids and add to the mud and slop that is constantly invading the house with total disregard for the daily efforts to keep it clean. It really adds validation to the term mud in mud room or perhaps mud pool is more appropriate! 

Today after another serious night of rain fall the sun shone brightly at day break and it was time to investigate what activity might be taking place amongst the fruit bearing plantings around the farm property. The pear trees are bursting with new buds, the apple trees starting to show signs that they made it another season, the quince beginning to leaf out, grapes showing some bud burst activity and the black currants continuing to develop green foliage. It was a good walk, a sloppy affair, but none the less inspirational.

Last spring we took black currant cuttings in an attempt to establish a even larger orchard without incurring greater expense. We wanted to see if we could double our size solely from existing stock. We established a nursery bed and that was that, as last year was a bit dry and sunny and our expectations were set pretty low. To our great surprise we have discovered that our little experiment worked out much better then we anticipated and developing out of the weedy nursery are literally dozens of young vibrant black currant plants, it was a thrifty bit of work that we will be repeating again.

Ok water it is time to move on we have crops to plant… will be welcome again in 10 days or so


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