Baby Bok Choy roots by the hand!

The 2011 growing season is as different from 2010 as SHF1848 heirloom tomatoes are from big box hybrids. From our calculations we are a solid month behind last year and a good 2 weeks behind normal. Normal is relative as it appears the new normal is a transitional condition influenced by the more severe weather patterns that have burst on the scene.

We continue to dodge weather conditions and bounce in and out of the fields between cloud bursts and wind blasts. The planting continues as the plants continue to strengthen and grow in the greenhouses. The greenhouses at one point seemed too large for our needs but now these temporary structures are bursting with vegetative growth. We are lucky we opted to put them up this season or it might have been a complete bust up to this point.

We have always utilized raised beds to grow greens in for our own use as well as to baby plants that are new or highly sensitive. Bok Choy has done very well this season and last evening we harvested a nice batch to saute and serve along side the seared tuna.

Planting will continue and the season will progress as we hope in the future it will be nothing but a blip on the radar when we go to harvest the fruits of our labor later in the summer season and into the fall! For the mean time we will enjoy what we harvest and look eagerly ahead at the warmer dryer weather.


Look at all that delicious baby bok choy! And that seared tuna you served it with must have been awesome along side it.

It sounds like y'all have got once heck of a garden up there.

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