Run you crazed farmer run!

Weather driven activity is difficult to plan when the crystal ball is only as good as the day itself. Farming this season has been a trick thus far for all. Regardless it seems what section of the country you live. The rains, floods, droughts, wind storms and you name it seem to have become the new norm. The 2011 planting season is fully a month behind which means that the harvest will undoubtedly be delayed.

We have been running in an attempt to catch up, but Mother Nature still holds all the cards. The fields were too wet, the air too cold and the only thing rocking was the weeds. Suffice it to say we have not been able to find that happy balance or steady pace that we would like. Panic sets in for a portion of seemingly everyday as one step forward often leads to 3 steps back. On a day when a plan is set in motion something inevitably arises to cause us to change course. Flexibility is key in keeping momentum going even if it has no rhythm.

This is the way it has been and probably the way it always will be when dealing with Mother Nature and the business of agriculture. We have made steps in trying to control elements that in nature are uncontrollable. We use greenhouses but we would need acres of them. We have raised beds but need many more. We get up early and attempt to keep equipment in good operating order, but it doesn’t seem to always work out like we planned. 

We do still remember that you need to stop and appreciate what is blooming and listen to the song of the birds so you don't completely miss the splendor of Spring! It happens so quickly and is gone in a breath.

Things are beginning to pop and we continue to weave, duck and roll with it. The Schoolhouse Farmers firmly believe it is going to be a good season it just may take a little longer to get it all going.
But boy will it be tasty when it starts to arrive!


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