Spring in the Box

As the warm air, rain and stiff breeze begin the process of transitioning Schoolhouse Farms from winter to wet spring our next season waits in boxes. We will be erecting these temporary greenhouses on a recently cleared area when the weather abates a bit.

Aptly named “greenhouse in a box” these economical structures will allow us to begin to seed the crops of summer. The numerous Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cauliflower, cabbages and maybe even some and squash melons to protect us if Mother Nature plays rough this year. It amazes us how quickly we run out of space in the greenhouses.

Our agricultural plate is overflowing and the season hasn’t even begun. The excitement and nervousness of embarking on yet another bigger year is as frightening as it is inspiring. We are fortunate that the entire Schoolhouse gang is fully committed and mentally prepared for what lies ahead the next months. We are still in the hunt for a tractor, but have the walk behind garden tillers ready, repaired and waiting to bust a move should the fields dry before we find it.


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