Many months later

Slowly ever so slowly the season begins to yield a little bounty. To continue to bemoan the season would be pointless. It is what it is and what we harvest is what we harvest.

The heirloom Tomatoes are beginning to ripen and they are in a word "fabulissimo!" (not your standard word but one that conveys what can't be described without actually tasting)

Basil and tomatoes go together like corn and butter! During August it is highly recommended you indulge in daily douses of both combinations. The sweet corn season is too short similarly to the tomato so don't be too concerned about the gluttonous vegetarian behavior the season inspires. Just embrace it!

Schoolhouse Farms will  be harvesting for the farm stand until they are done for the season. The heirloom tomato harvest is highly unpredictable and can can last a matter of days or perhaps weeks it all depend on the weather conditions. Mother Nature must really be upset with what we are doing to the planet because she really seems a little more bi-polar then usual. We just hope she stays in her happy place for a while before she decides to switch to her harsher more turbulent persona.


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