A long long long long Winter

Winter has definitely gone on long enough when people have such prolonged down time they come up with things like “Uncle Oinkers Savory Bacon Mints”. Now don’t get us wrong we love our bacon as much or maybe more then most, but the idea of bacon as a breath mint stretches even the most reverent bacon enthusiast’s palate.

This morning’s more then ample accumulation of snow has admittedly begun to wear on the mental and physical at a more severe rate then is healthy for the entire schoolhouse gang. We are by design and default big fans of white winters and all the great recreational and cerebral opportunities it presents, but after a while we need a bit more then an ultra short 24 hours of relief. We need old man winter to move on and let the sun shine a little more regularly so the green yellow pallor of the farm clan can transition to a rosier color. Playing winter games in the sun is oh so gratifying.

Schoolhouse Farms has bitten off a lot for 2011 and we really need a touch of Mother Nature’s cooperation to get the plan moving. We got a little spoiled last spring when March and April were absent of snow completely and our fields dried up nicely. Regardless we will be moving ahead but definitely more at the turtles pace then the hares until something changes. And to think March came in like Lamb!


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