Empathy via devastation

The brutal spring storms that battered the south and then marched on up bringing heavy winds and rain have definitely instilled some empathy in all the schoolhouse farmers. In spite of the fact that the winds completely destroyed our greenhouses wiping out thousands of young heirloom tomatoes, peppers and eggplants and setting us back several weeks, we find ourselves extremely lucky.

As painful as it is and as much work it as it will be by comparison to the total devastation seen in the south we feel that it is minor. The process has already begun of reseeding and reconstructing. As we dismantled the wreckage and cleared the debris all the farmers from biggest to smallest were undaunted and although deeply saddened quitting was not an option ever uttered.

We find ourselves humbled once again by Mother Nature’s power, but are conscious how much worse it could have been. It could have been our house and the homes of our neighbors devastated and reduced to a pile of splinters. It was insignificant by comparison to what the poor people of Japan have endured or the folks in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, North Carolina or Virginia.

We now know how our kids will be spending Spring break and the truth is they are not angry nor are they resentful they are eager to re-build, re-seed this quirky family endeavor.  We count ourselves very fortunate. Now if that wind would just cease! We hope that all of you and yours are safe and sound!


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