Peas were planted

The Schoolhouse farmers finally got a couple days break in the weather! Panic was beginning to set in as the rain just would not allow us to get into the field let alone run a tiller. The rain soaked fields needed some beneficial wind and sunshine to hasten the drying. Mother Nature accommodated us a bit this weekend and as a result allowed us a few steps forward.

The list is long and time short so every opportunity to get into the soil is imperative. The BCS tiller was called into action and amazingly transformed areas into plant-able rows in a matter of hours. Peas were planted as were some potatoes and asparagus crowns.

During a investigative walk a couple days earlier an abandoned piece of vintage farm equipment was found in the hedgerow. The tool was entwined in a tree that had begun to envelop it. It was noted that this plow type item might be useful in the farms seasonal planting. Consequently a concerted effort was made to extract it from its wooden prison and possibly restore it to an operational agriculture role once again in some capacity.


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