Waning September but things look good!

We have managed to continue to harvest some very nice items for our CSA shareholders. This season has been less then optimal for much of what we had planted, but some of the items performed very well thanks to the fact that we have not endured a frost up to this point. The warmer weather has allowed the plants to continue to produce and the late season tomatoes, eggplant and peppers to ripen.

The late season plantings have also proved to be beneficial as we are able to harvest beautiful tender squash and see blossoming activity on the beans. We hope that we will be able to see a harvest of beans prior to the door being closed as a result of frost!

We thought we would share the wonder that comes from the land tended by Schoolhouse Farms. As bleak as the season began everyday that we harvest tomatoes and the fruits of our seasonal labor the better we feel about our chosen path!


We just posted a recipe for Eggplant meatballs on Facebook!

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