Prolific & Meteorologically Exceptional

It is a huge mental challenge, when it is this wet and cold, to psych everyone on the farm into believing that this growing season will be as prolific and meteorologically exceptional as last year. Most people, not associated with the growing process, simply believe that it all happens according to some big preordained plan. Well it doesn’t always work out so seamlessly and the reality is it has more then a few bumps and twists along the way to bringing in the harvest.

March is when all the seeding of all those long term vegetables takes place. Peppers, Eggplants, Tomatoes are tops on that list and we (she) seed a lot of them, a real lot. These flats of seeds then need to go into the greenhouse to germinate. It needs to be warm in the greenhouse and sun is very beneficial in driving the temperature up to the required zone. What doesn’t help is prolonged drab, cold, windy, flurry filled days and nights that plummet to the lower double digits. Heaters help but they require fuel, a lot of fuel, and the price of that as we all know continues to rise. So we eagerly await a little help from the head of head farmers Mother Nature to intervene in the weather and get things moving.

On the other side of the coin the generous amount of precipitation will help recharge the water table and feed the roots of the young fruit trees. Plus it is still only March and the days keep getting longer! It is time to sip some tea and channel all our collective energy into parting a few of those clouds.


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