Big Ideas of a boy!

The Cooper Hawk has been back to scope out the chickens with an eye on an easy dinner. The clucking of the hens gets appreciably louder as the large bird of prey swoops nearby and takes position in a tree. The cacophony from the chicken pen is of sufficient level to raise the attention of one of our young farmers.

The young farmer took it upon himself to defend the flock from the threat of the aggressive hawk. He carefully armed himself with his single shot pump pellet gun put on his boots his bomber hat and headed out to the field. Quietly and stealthy he made his way towards his target. He raised his small weapon and aimed at the huge feathered foe and fired!

The bird flinched and then flapped its huge wings and swooped off the branch. It glided over the pen directly at the young farmer. The young farmer was gone in a flash at full speed retreat towards the safety of the house not daring to look back. The Hawk satisfied he had dealt with the pest swung southward, away from the chickens and soared high in search of other more easily obtainable quarry.

The young farmer, breathless, enters explaining excitedly how he had scared away the big bird with a single shot. He stated that he was able to hit the bird because of the new scope he had recently installed on the rifle. Everyone was visibly impressed.

The farmer took the gun to place it back in the security of storage and casually looked down the barrel to inspect it and discovered all that had happened had not occurred as the young farmer imagined. The barrel of the small rifle was plugged solid. No shot had made it any where near the big bird. 


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