SHF1848 Think Table

Buried deep in the depths of winters snow and cold with the only green visible belonging to the underside of the tall pines inspiration at Schoolhouse farms is blossoming. The whole brainstorming, vision board development process has been propelled to an entirely new level. Neither wall nor refrigerator is large enough to contain the almost continuous outpouring of thoughts and ideas. The visionary process has now consumed the entire dining table complete with the addition of three extension leaves. We call it our think table.

The vision process is the key in transforming conversations and dreams to reality. We embarked on our visionary journey when we first stepped on the grounds at what would soon become Schoolhouse Farms, a journey that is infinite in possibilities. However along the way we discovered that unless we had some method of capture the thoughts could get misplaced or even lost if not solidified. Articles were saved in files along with images, crude sketches, recipes, farmers’ names, writers, artists, seed packages and catalogs.

Over the seasons we have managed, at varying rates, to bring life to a multitude of ideas and plans. From the development of the farm to the renovation projects that surround us. The vision board has created a daily visual reminder of what we want to accomplish and what the end may resemble. Often as not the final product is miles away from the original design as the family matures and individuals become independent thinkers adding a collective family spin

As winter continues its daily routine of blanketing us in white and keeping the mercury low in the glass thoughts and ideas continue to pour out. The “Think Table” is simply running out of room and the need to move forward on the ample supply of tasks and projects tends to get the farmers hyperventilating. Time for yoga and tea to regain a little 


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