SHF 1848

It seems hard to comprehend that we have been able to keep farming our micro farm and maintain the young farmers enthusiasm for the past number of growing seasons. The pressure of offering a CSA and staying true to the farmers conviction of delivering fresh goods week after week despite all Mother Nature driven obstacles became an annual mental challenge.

The entire family has developed a unique understanding of our foods place in society and the unfortunate fact that the majority of the public has virtually no comprehension of the herculean effort and dedication required to bring food to the table.

Our oldest was able to capture visually what is a consequential bonus of growing up on the small farm. She has captured the ramshakled essence of the farm property that she and her siblings experienced while growing up.

We started this blog years ago and simply titled it, Schoolhouse Farms Learning and Growing. So even as we are changing course and stepping out of the CSA aspect of the business stayed tune as yet another chapter unfolds at SHF1848 still learning and growing


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