Agrarian Feast of Heirlooms

The agrarian feast of heirloom tomatoes and other delicious finds from the farm last weekend was terrific. The dream of such an event has long been on our minds. This season, although far from perfect,  the quantity and variety of heirlooms tomatoes was sufficient to share the bounty with friends and family. The harvest was at a level we were comfortable that it would sufficiently showcase our passion for the heirloom tomato. The actual plan to host the feast of heirloom tomatoes for the Labor Day weekend developed quickly. The last minute invites were sent off with only a few days prior to the event. The responses came back quickly and the stage was set for a dinner of 35 in the one room 
schoolhouse at schoolhouse farms

The menu was created with a pretty good idea of what was available to harvest in the field. It included a handsome sampling of what were growing and the challenge of preparing and producing the menu began in earnest the morning of the event, chopping, slicing, dicing, roasting, toasting, simmering, pureeing, straining, washing, rinsing, tossing and arranging. The pace was steady and pretty much non-stop from 8 AM until service began at 6:30 PM. The counters and tables began to fill with bowls, plates and platters heaping and dressed then whisked to the waiting guests.

The dinner started with appetizers including tomatoes salsa, traditional salsa, tomato jam, pepper jelly, and roasted tomato soup as well as host of other delicious bites. The main course that followed was a steady parade of color and flavor that were a feast for the senses. Orange tomato mozzarella salad, platters of large sliced heirlooms, ratatouille, puttanesca sauce with riccioli pasta, yellow Tomato onion butter parsley sauce with orechette, stuffed black cherry tomatoes, grilled zucchini, radicchio with onion olive oil and rice vinegar, heirloom lettuce with tomato vinaigrette, oven dried black plum tomatoes with rosemary chicken on fettuccini, beef oregano meatballs and pork sage meatballs with san marzano red sauce, and heirloom tomato tarts. Wine flowed freely and the laughter and merriment swelled, as did the waistlines.

The event has passed school has resumed friends have returned home, but the smells, sounds and colors remained etched in our memories with the fervent hope to repeat it all again next Labor Day weekend.


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