Every season of the year rolled into a 31 day window

May was a quick montage of every season rolled into a 31 day window! We had more snow then March or April we had a mix of autumn like crisp cool nights and warm days. We had the frosts of early spring and finally the dry and unrelenting heat of mid-July. What a ride it was like seeing the seasons change with your finger glued to the fast forward button. Did that really happen?

It happened alright and keeping pace was a clever act of rolling, shucking, jiving and reinventing the plan as the day progressed. We started prepping and preparing to plant at high speed and then quickly shifted into the mode of “now it really is time to get things in the ground and out of the greenhouse” only to be momentarily stalled by a mid month freeze and snow storm. Then in mere days it was back to tilling, digging, mulching, planting and watering. In the process the farms annual plantings dwarfed any previous year and it was just the beginning. The unusually hot dry air drove us on like heat struck mules, plowing more rows and laying more mulch for seeding more wonderful varieties of Schoolhouse Farms seasonal bounty. The kids worked along side us with enthusiasm rarely seen in youngsters. Secretly everybody shared the same though, “is this insane or what?”


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