Cuckoo's & Silly bands

Back-yard Chickens and Silly bands clearly are a sign of the times. Two crazes seem to be sweeping the nation at the same time and have absolutely no relationship to each other.

The first craze is the raising of chickens at home. People from the urban reaches to the rural are rearing chickens at home like nothing seen in recent history. Small flocks of fowl that will yield eggs for the family, manure for the garden and amusement for all.

The second craze taking place at school grade level is the collecting and wearing of Silly Bands, silicone bracelets in every shape and color imaginable. Kids are collecting these to the point of having entire arms from wrist to shoulder festoon in the bright colored bands. Trading is so brisk stores are bringing in knock-offs to keep up with demand which seems a little shameful. On the bright side we haven't heard of imitation chickens being sent out from the hatchery's yet! They are just a little backordered.


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