Pomme d'amour what color will you be?

Pomme d'amour Lascivious Tomato?

"At times thought of as an aphrodisiac (thus the name "Love Apple" or pomme d'amour) and always thought of as delicious, the tomato's sensuous curves and delicate flesh have resulted in the occasional riot. In fact, the Church of Rome banned it for lewd and lascivious behavior for nearly 150 years."

Today as a rather bizarre weather pattern attempts to blanket us with the first snow since February we are starting more tomato seeds. We are seeding many more heirloom tomato seeds all in hope of an abundant harvest in August. Ah to be swimming in heirloom tomatoes. It has been two years since a good harvest . Mother Nature has been a little unkind the past two years and has not delivered the necessary blend of sun and warmth required to produce a first rate crop. We are confident or at least striving for a harvest like 2007.

In 2007 the road side stand at Schoolhouse Farms was an overflowing sea of heirloom tomatoes. The table was awash in with heirloom tomatoes of all size, shape and color. The visual effect breath taking to the point that traffic was literally brought to a stand still when people caught site of the stand. Cars would slow and audible gasps could be heard from the occupants when they eyed the bounty. Inevitably most would immediately pull over or turn around and slowly comeback while regaining composure. When they approached the stand the pleasure was immediately evident as kid like grins spread across their faces. The tomato enthusiasts would stand in awe and after a period of stunned silence stammer; “What should I buy, which ones, sell me some good ones” Then off they would go with a couple of quarts in tow. Almost to a person they would return a day or two later thanking us profusely for tomatoes of such flavor and unusual beauty and purchasing more. A ritual they will continue until the season comes to an end.

Our tomato fans returned the past two seasons in an effort to once again capture that mystical heirloom experience. We could just shake our heads in dejection and talk about the weather or lack of it and hope for a better season. After two bombs in a row we continue to have hope for 2010. We continue to start 1000’s of tomato plants in hopes of recreating that heirloom tomato experience to share with more enthusiasts. Here are a few of the 54 varieties of heirlooms started so far!

Hawaiian Currant
Virginia Sweets
Wolford’s Wonder
Orange Flesh Purple Smudge
Lillian’s Yellow
Orange Strawberry
Black Cherry
Belize Pink Heart
New Big Dwarf


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