Heirloom Tomato selections for the 2010 growing season at Schoolhouse Farms

Heirloom Tomato fans let the rejoicing begin as Schoolhouse Farms embarks on it's annual epic journey that ends ultimately with the tomato harvest. Schoolhouse Farms has placed over 50 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds in the queue for the 2010 season. Yes that means we will be growing these and some we have already started. We are undeterred by the failure of the 2009 crop at the hand of disease, flood, cold and a general lack of sun shine. We are taking each season as an individual unique event and bolding going forward to offer a greater spectrum of color shape and sizes of heirloom tomatoes. Mother Nature with standing this season!

The research and selection process associated with the seeds of heirloom tomatoes is to us very seductive and intensely addicting. Reading the descriptions alone leaves you a little flushed and then to begin to cull the list of hundreds requires stern discipline and determination. Here is a small sample list of some that have pass the selection process:

Juane de Pigeon
Bread & Salt
Pink Honey
Black from Tula
Woodle Orange
Togo Trifle
Purple Calabash
Homer Fikes
Earl of Edgecomb
Cour Di Bue
Julia Child
The Dutchmen
Red Fig

And the list goes on!


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