Perfect Conditions

We really waited all season for a really worthy snowfall and this past week we were not disappointed. The 20+ inches deposited at Schoolhouse Farms were a welcome change to the pathetic pace at which snow had fallen for the rest of the season. This school closing driveway smothering event kept the snow shovels at the ready for numerous assaults on the accumulating white blanket. Four shovels working like soldiers managed to keep the driveway clear and created massive piles for later use as slides, stairs, forts tunnels,and sculptures.

Regardless how clean the driveway we still managed to get a vehicle stuck. This require another shoveling party and few explatives to resolve. The driveway cleaned up the roof shoveled and temperatures warming meant it was onto the real fun and the construction of what I believe may be the perfect snowman. An all kid made with no help from the adults style snowman. (Well except the nose..a piece of celery, the carrots are in the chowder we are having for lunch)


SLOfoodie said…
Living deliciously through your fabulous description. That snowman is alive and twinkling! Ahhhhhhhh...snow forts. I want to come over and play!!!!!

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