Our seeds of Change

The most exciting part of winter came together today in a big way! The first was the weather and the arrival of the first major snow maker of the 2009-2010 winter season. The snow will build to a frenzy later today and may bring with it a couple of feet. It has already closed all the local schools and energized the kids with anticipation of a major powder event. The second aspect that excites the Schoolhouse Farmers is the arrival of Seeds. The delivery people from Federal Express, UPS and the Postal Service have begun daily treks to the farm to deliver seeds for our next growing season. An exciting procession that will continue until the first part of May.

The FamilyFarmers sit and cull through the pile of seed packets each searching for a worthy candidate that could potentially be the best of the bunch and out perform all others in the field during the season ahead. This is a very informal competition as the magic of getting it all to grow is the chief aim of the farm and all the farmers. The sheer variety of seeds complete with the tremendous variations in colors, shapes, flavors of the pending season leave us all a little breathless. Yes it really is that exciting a prospect.

The upcoming season will be the first we offer a CSA, community supported agriculture, and we want to make sure that the 20 shares we offer are our best effort.

The snow continues and yet another brave delivery person ventures up the driveway. Our enthusiasim is recharged and by the way it's time to shovel the driveway again!


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