Black Currant Jam

At Schoolhouse Farms we are continuously seeking out new delicious flavors, as well as products that naturally promote good health. One such product we produce right here on the farm is Rebecca’s Black Currant jam. This stuff is really black gold and the unique sweet sharp flavor is rather unmistakable. Her all fruit jam is produced from the harvest of Black Currants we planted on our property after the ban on the black currant was lifted in New York state a few years ago.
Black Currants were banned in New York State (and most of the nation) in 1911. The reason for the ban was the result of pressure from the timber industry. The Timber industry was suffering major losses to white pine due to white pine blister rust. It was alleged that the Black Currant was the source of the disease despite a lack of scientific knowledge supporting the claim. The ban remained in effect for nearly 100 years. The link between the Black currants and the blister rust disease was later proven not to exist.
Black Currant jam has been a favorite in Europe for generations and was a major source of vitamin C during WW II. My father and mother introduced us to the flavor of Black Currant at a young age. The health attributes aside we just enjoyed the jam on crusty bread and as kids we were hooked. Over the years and ensuing trips, my siblings and I would seek out this alluring flavor. Numerous years after our first introduction to Black Currant jam the first batch of Black Currant jam was produced at Schoolhouse farms. During periodic planned or spontaneous visits from family we share our stash with our various family members and the effect after ingestion is generally instantaneous. The mere taste relaxes and transports them back mentally to those magical and romantic places where they had first experienced the incredible flavor of Black Currant.
Beyond the fabulous flavor of Black Currant this little super fruit holds tremendous health benefits. Black currant advocates insist that the consumption of Black Currant has powerful Anti-Inflammatory action, strong Anti-oxidant properties, aid in reducing the effects of arthritis, and it may protect against Alzheimer’s plus Currants have 300% the daily dose of vitamin C. For more information regarding these benefits visit the Black Currant foundation at
We have never professed to have any health related expertise nor have we personally conducted any research to support or debunk these claims at Schoolhouse Farms. We just grow the fruit and produce the jam. The rest is just an added bonus to one of our favorite products. Black Currant Jam is currently beginning to be harvested and processed at Schoolhouse farms and will be available at The Borodino Market but the supply is limited. (We always need a small cache of jam for those surprise family visits).
Taste the flavor and live to eat!
Richard Malcolm


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