The Magic that is Christmas

This past December weekend we were able get a glimpse as to the true meaning of Christmas through the eyes of children. Skaneateles Dickens Christmas invites people of all ages to celebrate the season in the picturesque setting of the village of Skaneateles. People are encouraged to partake in the festivities dressed in period costume. A wide variety of costumes are available at the Skaneateles Chamber of commerce at no charge.
Our Children made up their minds to participate after driving through the village on a sadly rainy December weekend. Not deterred by the grim weather and excited that they could dress in the old world style they collectively decided they would become Dickens characters for a day and decided the following Saturday was it.
Dressed as Dickens characters they walked the streets being greeted at every turn by smiling well wishers. “Happy Holidays” people greeted them and “aren’t you beautiful”, “Merry Christmas” “Can we have a picture with you?” From the perspective of the children it was positively magical. They were eliciting the best qualities of people as a direct result. Christmas really didn’t come in a box or a bag it wasn’t something you could touch. It was something that touched you, inside and made you feel warm and put a smile on your face. The children loved this and continued the day seeking to spread the feeling of joy they had experienced.
When at last it was time to revert back to current time period attire the reality of the world reverted as well. With the costumes back safely in the costume department the children exited once more to join the sea of humanity that had descended on the village of Skaneateles. Not an eye looked in their direction not a word was spoken about the joy of the season. They had virtually become invisible the spell was completely broken the warm feeling of Christmas remained with them, but it was not able to reach the masses.
When the children got home they were all still a glow about the days activities and eager to share with us how wonderful it made them feel. They were also saddened by the fact that without the costumes people just didn’t express the same holiday joy! Undeterred they are eager to participate again to help spread the joy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


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