The Day of Summer was the last CSA delivery for 2010

We bid farewell to summer and delivered our last shares of Schoolhouse Farms inaugural CSA all on the same day! The Summer of 2010 was a magical growing season and one we would love to replicate season after growing season if possible. The bounty that each of the weekly shares contained amazed us as farmers and delight our shareholders. We had the perfect mix of weather to grateful shareholder ratio. The seasons conclusion is bittersweet as we will miss the weekly delivery ritual as we embrace the beauty of a gorgeous Fall on the farm!

Farming is an continuous learning process and each year brings new challenges and opportunities. We grew our farm output this season significantly and consequently maxed out all available equipment we owned, begged or borrowed. Some of the equipment is still on the list awaiting repair during the slow winter months to be ready for next season. We did not max out the available tillable land and plan on expanding even further next year. We just can't get enough of a good thing regardless the increased work load.

As far as the question of offering a CSA from Schoolhouse Farms
for a second season the answer is a great big "You bet"! We have already gotten commitment's from some of our CSA shareholders for next year. We will offer a few more shares next year but we still want to keep it manageable so that can maintain and deliver the highest quality possible!

To be clear our favorite growing obsession is our love of heirloom tomatoes! We kind of consider ourselves an heirloom Tomato farm that grows other heirloom vegetables. We did add more diversity in our heirloom veggies and planted on a larger scale this year in direct response to offering a CSA. However we love our heirloom tomatoes and will continue to expand that end of the farm undeterred by the fact that seasons can be dismal failures. Call it an obsession but those of you that have enjoyed our heirloom tomatoes over the years know we are preaching to the choir and those of you that have not been converted to the heirloom tomato need to get on board! It is a passage worth sailing!


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