Basil Tomatoes and a blast of cool weather

The perfect conditions have arrived to make a pot of fresh tomato sauce with our freshly harvested San Marzano and Opalka tomatoes. The tomatoes simmer with the addition of fresh SHF basil and a hearty douse of Dr Franks Pinot Grigio! When the temperature cools as it has today it encourages the Schoolhouse Farmers desire to cook with fresh heirloom tomatoes!

The bigger colored varieties of our heirloom tomatoes are ripening as well and when it heats back up next week we will be indulging in them as often as possible! It's like the lyrics of the Jimmy Buffet song "I like mine with lettuce and tomato...." Heirlooms in Paradise, well at the very least at Schoolhouse Farms as often as the season allows!

The farm stand is open daily so if you need to secure your fresh pesticide free local produce stop by!


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