Cooking on the farm

What’s cooking on the farm? Well with this heat wave just about everything is cooking. It’s been a couple of years since we had some heat like this combined with some serious sunshine to get July started. The plants are better suited to handle the 90 degree stuff then we are and with a little luck we will see the benefits of some harvestable fruits sooner then in season past.

The numerous varieties of heirloom tomatoes have begun to blossom and fruit are beginning to set. Now as exciting as that is we have always known that the time of blossom to harvest can be endlessly long an agonizingly long time as far as we are concerned. However the sooner the waiting begins the sooner it ends!

Beans love heat and by the look of the blossoming activity this must be paradise. As gallons of perspiration drip from our bodies the beans seem immune to the heat and burning sun and in fact reveal in the conditions. The Dragon Tongues are really drought tolerant and soon should be making a farm stand appearance.

It has been 12 years in the making but this year it became a reality when we finally installed an outdoor shower. This little piece of luxury has become a hit with all and limits the amount of dust that seeps into the house. Since we are on a well we knew that installing it would likely mean a dry summer, but that was a gamble we were glad to take after lasts years summer that never happened.


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